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Help us start a positive conversation about mental health and wellness. Please take a few minutes to do this one simple thing:

Pick a video you like, and share it with your friends. Copy the link into an email. Embed it on your website. Blog or tweet about it. Post it on Facebook or whatever social media you like best.

Raising awareness for mental health depends on you!

Partner with MHC

We encourage other web platforms and even broadcast networks to share our content with their audiences. Free of charge and with no restrictions.

We also encourage schools, hospitals, mental health providers, police departments, courts and any other organization to use our content however it might be of use to them.

Email us at and we can help you make the most of it.

Free Film Screenings

We’ve got a film screening program for universities, schools, nonprofits and others. If you’d like a free screening for your organization, contact us at

Co-Producing Content

We co-produce episodes and even entire series with other content creators, for online, broadcast or other platforms. Check out Big Thinkers on Mental Health, our co-production with, and Stories of the Mind, our new PBS series. We’ve got more coming soon.

If you’re a content creator, or a foundation or organization with an idea for content, email us at to start the conversation. We want to talk to you!

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